Sunday, 19 February 2017

Baby Clothes & Such

The beginning of more Cookie Monster/Sesame Street stuff in the future!

A.H & I went to the Kid & Baby Fair held in KTC, Kota Bharu last Friday, 17/02/2017. Being the inexperienced parents we are, of course we are not an expert in that baby department & it felt like a dream being in a hall surrounded by married, expecting couples with crying, running & screaming kid(s) in tow!

Woww! Finally, we're among the crowd now. Hehe!  Sebelum ni kalau jalan-jalan masuk baby or kid department, survey or beli barang for our nephew & niece je

The Mother has started pestering me to start buying the baby stuff since I was 4 month pregnant & I thought "Meh! Awal lagi kot? Chill Ma chill!" It was just a few weeks ago that we've started asking around seriously for opinions & views on what to buy, what's good, what's better, what's (more) important & other questions regarding the baby checklist. What we had read & heard were true. Memang banyak duit spent, tak padan barang kecik haluih size xxs kan? But InsyaAllah, every child has his/her own rizq

03/02/2017. Sogo
Buying the first batch of Little I's clothes (dengan disertai baju untuk Abam Umar & YamYam sekali)

Whilst I'm trying to give our future child an image of a cool & fun kid, A.H may have opinions different than mine at times. Like when I like cat print, he prefers zebra. Maka haruslah berkompromi oleh kerana masing-masing have a fair share of contribution during the child making process. Lolololol!

Anyway, we missed some items from the list & had seen that coming anyway. Hehe! Maka the next day, 18/02/2017 we visited the Fair again & made the booth owners a few RM richer

We still have a few items unticked from the list though which we hope to complete during our balik kampung trip to KL in the early March. I'll be 7 month plus pregnant at that time & don't think that I'll be able to make another balik kampung trip during my 3rd trimester or when it's getting nearer to my EDD on 02/06 (InsyaAllah)

Honestly, 7 hour journey from KB - KL - KB is no joke especially when you're carrying extra weight on your belly. The cramp & lenguh-lenguh can be very torturing campur dengan sakit badan all over the body. Huhu! But cannotla selfish juga kan? Little I is going to be the first grandchild in A.H's family & A.H of course wants to share his excitement with his Family, especially his Mother. Dah la lately tak selalu balik (unlike before, every 2 or 3 weeks balik), so kita bagi semua orang happy!

And hopefully, during the next balik kampung trip, sempatlah mek makan kat Wong Solo. I've been craving for it since my early days of pregnancy. Even before pregnant pun memang craving sokmo Ayam Penyet Wong Solo. Haih! I miss you, you know spicy sambal, jus melon & emping?

Btw, can you guess the gender of our Little I from these sets? :)

Nesting Mode: On

Dear Little I, I would like to offer a sincere apology that there's a high possibility that your future nursery will be of boring pale colours. Uh oh!

Assalamualaikum & hallo! 

I think my nesting-mode has begun & being a big fan of interior design I'm (hence the acah-acah deco tag in this blog), of course I want to do some makeover to our bedroom at home. Like right now! Can't we have the room ready as soon as possible because this excited mommy to be is so itchy to do some diy projects & decorate the room, pretty please?

Oh, we're go to co-sleep with our future child btw. Will train him to sleep in his own bassinet & coat as early as possible untuk keselamatan & kesejahteraan bersama

While some parents love to decorate the room with some bright colourful colours with some fun themse like jungle & zoo theme etc, I'll  we'll stick to our all time favourite colours yakni black, white & grey. Tak lari banyak la from our current bedroom theme colours

Anyhow, we still have 2 major items unticked from the list:-

1. A white or grey baby cot

A simple cot will do but I prefer the one with wheels sebab senang nak move around kan? We saw the exact coat as IKEA Hensvik at Aeon Mall the other day. It's from Sweet Cherry brand; grey, sturdy, affordable & the most important thing, it has wheels! Not bad. Might consider it as well

2. A Baby Chest/Drawer

Our wardrobes can no longer accept any additional batch(es) of clothes. So, a baby chest/drawer is a must. Plus nampak organize sikit kan? I also love IKEA Hemnes (like the one in the first photo from your left) but don't think spending RM1299 on the chest alone is one good idea. Baik beli proper wardrobe terus

Yang lain-lain macam bumper pad, quilt cover, bed canopy, stuffed toys, wall deco etc, boleh add on from time to time rasanya. InsyaAllah

Saturday, 18 February 2017

24 Weeks Of Pregnancy

09/02/2017. 24 week/6 month pregnant

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

This is an outdated post, as usual. It was kept as a draft for a few days, tonight baru sempat nak edit betui-betui. Huk aloh!

Last week, I was in my 24th week or 6th month of pregnancy. I know rightt! Macam baru semalam ke baru tahu pregnant? Alhamdulillah. This pregnancy has been treating me good except for my low Hb count. I've gained 5kg plus so far & currently I'm 51kg, the heaviest I've ever been in my 30 years of living! Lols!

I don't/didn't have any serious morning sickness except that during my 1st trimester, I hardly had any appetite to eat & I had skipped meals like nobody's business. Of course it was the last thing any pregnant woman should do but seriously, I had no appetite to eat at all. Even the smell of some foods, like curry would annoy. I didn't like to eat chicken which so unlike me if you know me & had to bid a temporary farewell to Nando's. My source of diet had been Dutch Lady Choc Milk & cold Milo. 1L sehari pun boleh habis

Went for another appointment at Klinik Kesihatan last week on 14/02 regarding my low Hb count. I was alone unaccompanied as A.H had a locum slot in the morning. He sent me off at 8.15 am (it was raining that morning, so memang sengaja buat-buat lambat), done with all the check up & consultation at 12 pm & only to be fetched later at 1 pm T_T #dilemaseorangisteridoktor

Nervous jugak masa tengah tunggu turn tu. Kept telling myself & Little I that "Come on! We can do this together! *throws gold & silver confetti in the air*". Alhamdulillah, my Hb count has increased from 9.6 to 11. So lega! A note to myself: never skip taking the vits (Iron tablets, B Complex & Folic Acid) & makanlah makanan yang berkhasiat bagaikan juara

14/02/2017. Klinik Kesihatan Kubang Kerian

Oh about Nando's! I thought I've had enough of  'no ayam' phase in my pregnancy as I'm already in my 2nd trimester & nafsu makan pun dah almost ok, but sadly nope. I haven't completely recovered from 'no ayam' phase rupanya. Maybe sebab sejak lahir until before pregnant memang kaw-kaw suka makan ayam & didn't like fish that much, so sekarang Allah bagi chance makan ikan pulak

Honestly, selalu craving nak makan ikan singgang, ulam-ulaman & budu. Wow! Our Little I is so Kelantanese! Sorry A.H. Lols!

17/01/2017. Nando's at Kota Bharu Aeon Mall
Can always count on him to finish my meal(s). Tqvm Baby!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Low Hb Count

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Had my 9th appointment at the clinic this morning, accompanied by the one who is responsible for my pregnancy (Lols!) yakni tak lain tak bukan, A.H. My Hb count is getting lower during every visit/appointment to the clinic (Klinik Desa nearby), from 11.8 (during 10w) to 9.6 (during today's check up at 23w). Since the Hb count is below 11, I'm required to see the nurse once in 2 weeks, instead of usual once in 1 month

So, since Hb count makin tak comey, of course the nurse didn't feel happy about it & asked me to go to Klinik Kesihatan Kubang Kerian to have my blood tested. Ha sudohhh! I don't have time to go to KK sebab going to KK without any appointment ibarat menunggu pelakon opera cina siap bermekap.

And oh yes, A.H & I are among those people with a high level of patient because we're so gigih going to government clinic, instead of private clinic. You never know you're that patient until you've to wait 30 minutes (minimum) until it's your turn to see the doctor/nurse yang tempoh consultationnya tak sampai pun 15 minutes pun sometimes. Lols! I think most parents can totally relate this. Nonetheless, we have so much faith in government health service that we don't mind getting involved in that waiting game. Haruslah sis berkobar-kobar support government service sebab A.H kan staff KKM 

The solution: the nurse suggested that A.H draws my blood, takes the sample to his workplace, gets the result & informs her via whatsapp. Lagi senang & pantas. But if the result tak comey, I need to come & see the visiting doc on 14/02 & still need to come for my fortnight appointment on 19/02. Uh oh!

A.H: Sakit ni. Tahan sikit. Nervous tak? 
S: Oh ye ke? *trying to distract myself by taking photos*

That wasn't the 1st time my blood was drawn though but tqvm Baby for being concern or were you just trying to scare me?

Anyway, the blood result was out a few hours later & it isn't that good. Huhu! 

I've been getting lectures from A.H on the important of eating healthy food & not to skip my meals although I might already feel kenyang. Oh, this is hard because I don't usually take frequent heavy meals in a day, even before I'm pregnant. So far, I've just gained 4 kg with the current weight 50 kg

And sis rase sis akan berterusan mendapat ceramah daripada beliau setiap hari sehinggalah Hb sis mencapai tahap normal kembali. Sigh! Now I understand when people said that mak-mak ni dah start risau kat anak even before the baby is born.

We can do this, Little Iman! Tout le meilleur, mon bébé! InsyaAllah!

 Oh btw, we decided to call him/her Iman or Faith which means 'Belief' :)

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I think, other than the excitement waiting for the arrival of the little one, preparing for the baby stuff is also fun! I mean, you can't or won't always have people telling you to buy these & that but when you're expecting, suddenly people start pouring their concern whether you've started buying baby stuff or not. Pahtu, ada reasons pulak to shop more!

I'm 22w4d today or 5 months & a half and we haven't bought anything yet! Not even a single garment. Orang cakap better la beli sikit-sikit sebab tak de la terasa banyak spend duit nanti kan beli sekaligus which is so true. For now, A.H & I have started surveying some important baby stuff & this tops up our search list; Doona Infant Car Seat
Fall in love with its 2 in 1 function & mobility; a convertible infant car seat & stroller all in one! It simplifies the parents' task by folding from a car seat to a stroller, without the hassle to attach or detach anything at all. I'm not a fan of bulky & heavy strollers, no matter how fancy they are. Oleh yang demikian, Doona sangat praktikal & sesuai bagi bakal ibubapa (insyaAllah!) yang selalu travel balik kampung & berkunjung ke mall atau sekadar berjalan-jalan di taman bunga di samping terus mengekalkan kehidupan yang minima & ruang kereta yang selesa #captionskemaumpamacogankataperaduananjuranpasaraya #lols

But we still keep our options open though walaupun hati mak memang dah jatuh hati dengan Doona. I kept playing the related Doona videos over & over again that A.H had become so bored with it & said "Dah 50 kali dia tengok video ni" -.-'

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